27 januari 2011

17 januari 2011

The masterchef Martin cooks for me.

Last week Martin and his girlfriend made this for me and Styrbjörn tonight I got the honor of cooking for them + Mike Love.

I Made "Halstrad laxsashimi med sesamolja och sesamfrön for starters and raggmunk, fläsk med rårörda lingon och rivna morötter for main and mangomilkshake till dessert"

But this was what Martin made:
Pilgrimsmussla med champagne
Consommé med gårdsgås och thaismaker.
Stekt svartgris, superekologisk med cheddarcheesesås och späd skogschampinjon och sallad.

Äppelkakasurprise till efterrätt.

12 januari 2011


Somehow it all just isn't real. 
It's like someone is digging in my soul and never stops. 
But I can still use the stuff that's being dug up. 
To put where it's more needed than deep inside of me.
 They had to blow up the mountain while we were there which was kind of interesting.

Photolocation for commercialshoot, outside of Södertälje.

10 januari 2011


working keeps me sane I know
how many ships can one man row 

loosing weight do you wanna see
cancer taking a crack at me 

roses around two oak tree hearts 

burn me up and spread the parts 
lucky you there's cake and wine 
first we mourn then we dine

Bergianska trädgården 2010