26 mars 2012


This weekend I got to visit Malmö, Trelleborg, Smygehuk and Svedala for the first time!

I was there with my friend Amanda that works as a producer/production manager at House Of Radon. They had given me the assignment to take pictures that captures a new product in action for their client Ericsson. We got to spend alot of time with firefighters, ambulancepersonell and the villages only policeman.
Got to see "smokediving" and burning cars and trees be extinguished up close.

Interesting and the result was really really nice!
Can't post any real photos yet unfortunately, but a little fire.

And as a bonus I got to hang out with my friend Martin alot! He's the chef at the White Guide-winning restaurant Belle Epoque.

He and his girlfriend Emma has also just bought a real nice house just outside of Trelleborg, 400 m from the ocean. They are still renovating but so far they have really made it look great!

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